Golf Courses

We can help your golf course rise to the fore-front of the industry.

DroNation provides aerial photography and video service
to golf courses at extremely affordable prices

Golf Hole Flyover videos, Course Overview videos, and Aerial Photographs are some of our most popular services for golf courses. DroNation helps differentiate your golf course operation through visually engaging video and photographic content.

Golf Course services and packages

Golf Hole Flyover videos

Attract new golfers and allow serious golfers to plot hole management strategies before setting foot on your course. Integrate text, voice-over, and graphics to enhance your brand.

Course Overview Videos

The most stunning way to showcase your entire operation is from the birdie’s-eye-view. Show off the course, clubhouse, dining room, swimming pool, tennis courts, and other facilities and set your club apart from the competition.

Aerial Photography

Whether for marketing purposes, operational uses, or management reporting, aerial photography of a golf course provides great benefit at an economical price.

Construction Update Package

Our Construction Update Package provides a visual progress report to all stakeholders, including the senior management, superintendents, members, and guests. This package includes both video and aerial photography and is offered on a monthly basis or different frequencies as determined by the client.

Ortho-mosaic Maps

We take hundreds of aerial photos and stitch them together to provide highly detailed, geometrically accurate images of the course grounds. Use them in the design stage of course development or renovations, providing a real-time, extremely high-definitional map of a large area of land. Area and volumetric measurements are accurate to 1% of hand-measured and calculated values. 3D options are also available.