We can help you elevate your city, village, or municipality.

DroNation provides services to cities, villages, and municipalities

Whether for marketing purposes or operational uses, our detailed, dynamic videos provide real results.

Municipalities services and packages

Community Branding Campaigns

Highlight the best features that your town has to offer in this 2-3 min. video. Combining stunning aerial and ground-based video with voice-over narration, this video helps the viewer fall in love with your community.

Parks and Public Property Overview Videos

The most stunning way to showcase your entire operation is from the birdie’s-eye-view. Show off the course, clubhouse, dining room, swimming pool, tennis courts, and other facilities and set your club apart from the competition.

Event Videos

What makes your community special? We can capture your Halloween festivities, your 4th of July parade or your Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony and creatively tell the story in a short video archiving the event and building a digital library of media assets

Construction Update Packages

Our Construction Update Package provides a visual progress report to all related stakeholders including city council members, parks & rec boards, municipal services managers as well as the public. The package includes both video and aerial photography and is offered on a monthly basis or different frequencies as determined by the client.

Operational Videos

Convince your City Council or Finance Director of hard to visualize problems that need fast-tracked budget approval with a video of the problem. Whether you are facing shoreline erosion, ravine reconstruction, stormwater management or a myriad of other issues, aerial video and photography can help you manage both your project and your stakeholders.

Ortho-mosaic Maps

We take hundreds of aerial photos and stitch them together to provide highly detailed, accurate map of the conditions in a given area. Used over time, these maps can track changes to topography, water levels, and plant growth and health. One recent client used our maps to perform preventative maintenance on 200 acres of at-risk trees. Area and volumetric measurements are accurate to 1% of hand-measured and calculated values. 3D options are also available.